Agosto 10, 2018

Exorbitant jewels and mutant bodies

What is the measure within which it is acceptable to talk about jewellery? Can we define as a jewel that ornament which is so oversized, that […]
Luglio 17, 2018

Kinetic jewellery

«Man was born to play, but it turned out differently» (Friedrich Becker)* The ludic perspective of dynamic jewellery translates the sincere belief to bring the human […]
Giugno 24, 2018

Visibility, invisibility and non-visibility of the ornament

In the seventies, many goldsmiths artists face up with decoration as a way of thinking, as an alternative and autonomous experimental means of conceptual art. Some […]
Giugno 6, 2018

Excellences of Padua School at Preziosa

The poetics of the intimate link between the idea and its materialisation, which gives rise to the artistic miracle, is fully realised in the jewellery experiences […]