Agosto 5, 2019

“Scultura Aurea. Art Jewellery for a new Renaissance” at Palazzo Ducale, Urbino

The magnificent vaulted rooms of Palazzo Ducale in Urbino host up until the 8th September a huge exhibition dedicated to jewellery designed or created by artists […]
Luglio 11, 2019

Irene Belfi, a brilliant gallery owner for an avant-garde space

Irene Belfi celebrated in April the first year of the luminous space that bears her name, in the elegant neighborhood of Porta Venezia in Milan. As […]
Marzo 13, 2019

The multiple facets of jewellery

Jewellery today strongly represents the schizophrenic, dynamic mood of our times. When dealing with jewellery, all of its multiple facets should be considered as well as […]
Settembre 2, 2018

Universes in balance between reality and imagination

Some creative spirits are led by a positive tension towards the world because of their desire to play with reality, considered in its full richness and […]