Preziosa 2005

A new concept of preciousness.
Material, source of creative inspiration.

Lucca, Villa Bottini June, 2005
Curator, Maria Cristina Bergesio
Coordinator, Giò Carbone

The first edition of PREZIOSA presented the works of 11 internationally acclaimed European artists representing three generations so as to be able to demonstrate the possible metamorphoses in material that makes up an ornament designed and created to be the messenger for a new form of aesthetics, for feelings and reflections on our society.

Peter Chang, Giovanni Corvaja, Nel Linssen, Kadri Mälk, Xavier Monclús, Erico Nagai, Francesco Pavan, Jacqueline Ryan, Peter Skubic, Janna Syvänoja, Annamaria Zanella.

PREZIOSA 2005, Lucca

The idea of an exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewellery became inseparable from thedesire to create a bridge between the past and the present, to underline how a city with an exceptional historical mand artistic heritage can provide space for contemporary creativity.
The symbol of the city of Lucca, the city walls, have been chosen as the reference element for the exhibition, and in the atmospheric surroundings of Villa Bottini an exhibition itinerary which reflects that of the city walls has been created, in which the ramparts have been replaced with 11 display cases showing the work of a similar number of European artists.
The objective of the exhibition is to present jewellery understood as the result of studies in expression that transform, mould and recompose the material, imbuing it with new aesthetic qualities and content. Precious material, inasmuch as it plays the lead in experimentation that brings out the suggestive, evocative potential of precious metals and gems, but also of unusual materials such as paper, plastic, stee and recycled waste object.
A visit to the exhibition therefore becomes a stimulating journey within the studies developed since the 1960s by revered masters, established artists and promising young creators. The city of Lucca’s historical linkswith the goldsmith’s art is recalled in a significant section in which jewellery and sacred objectsform XIX and XX century are on display. This window on history has been designed and put together with the cooperation of Prof. Dora Liscia Bemporad and Dr. Antonella Capitanio, with grateful thanks for the decisive contribution of the Director of the Silverware Museum, Ornella Casazza.
The exhibition in Lucca presents the works of eleven internationally-acclaimed European artists representing three generations so as to be able to demonstrate diachronically the possible metamorphoses in material that makes up an ornament designed and created to be the messenger for a new form of aesthetics, for feelings and reflections on our society. Here we offer some notes on the work of the eleven artists aimed at estabilishing the relationship between the crative ideas and materials chosen to interpret them; for a more complete introduction to their work we would refer you to each individual’s specific bibliography.

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Erico Nagai
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Peter Skubic
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Annamaria Zanella
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Francesco Pavan
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Giovanni Corvaja
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Janna Syvanoja
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Xavier Monclùs
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Peter Chang
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Nel Linssen
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Curato dalla Prof.ssa Dora Liscia Bemporad, con i contributi del Sindaco della città di Lucca, Dott. Pietro Fazzi, della Dr. Ellen Maurer-Zilioli, della Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Bergesio, della Dott. Antonella Capitanio, della Dott. Barbara Schmidt, della Dott. Christel Trimborn (GZ Art&Design), il catalogo è stato editato e distribuito a cura di GZ Art&Design, in Italiano ed Inglese, in carta patinata opaca e rilegatura rigida.
Oltre ai testi critici, la struttura editing prevede una parte illustrativa con le immagini delle opere in mostra e la presentazione/biografia degli artisti presenti a Lucca.

Progetto grafico: Noumeda Carbone,


16th of June,
15.00, Round Table

Dott. Pietro Fazzi, Mayor of Lucca
Giò Carbone, Le Arti Orafe
Barbara Schmidt (Germany), Design management
Dora Liscia Bemporad, Florence University
Ellen Maurer-Zilioli,
Neue Sammlung Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst Design in der Pinakothek der Moderne, München
Maria Cristina Bergesio
Ornella Casazza, Director of Silver Museum in Palazzo Pitti,
Antonella Capitanio, Pisa University
Christel Trimborn, Editor, GZ Art&Design
Vittorio Romiti, Gemologist Lucca

at 17.30, Official Opening
Villa Bottini

17th-18th of June: Conferences-Meeting with the invited artists.
Villa Bottini

The event is organised by
Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, Florence

WIth the support of
Lucca City Council

Scientific Committee
Dora Liscia Bemporad
Maria Cristina Bergesio
Ornella Casazza
Barbara Schmidt

Project Supervisor
Giò Carbone

Organising Committee
Fulvio Carbone
Anna Balatti

General management
Studio Ipotesi, Florence