Jewels from another word

The nuns of the Orthodox monastery of Tbilisi, just like in the monasteries of the past, maintain in their laboratories the habit of producing objects of art of different types, including small pendants in gold and fired enamels that reproduce typical subjects of the icons. Two sisters from this monastery will come for FJW, to show their creations and give demonstrations of work.

25 reasons why to wear Jewellery

Presentation of the Italian edition of the book by Barbara Schmidt. The translation and the Italian edition are curated by LAO-Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, as a tribute to the special personality and professionalism of Barbara, and to the friendship that binds the school to the author.

Biro gallery in Munich

Coco Sung

jewellery and istallation.
A curated exhibitions project by Olga Zobel Biro  


Brunella Alfinito and Fabrice Schaefer

exhibitions project curated by Irene Belfi,
Belfi Gallery, Milan


The Ke Ning Ma collection

An exhibition of classic jewellery, items chosen form the Victorian period to Cartier


Hands that create magic

A photo documentary on the world of handmade indian jewellery traditions by Shruty Agrawal


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