APRIL 28 – MAY 1

Ancient stables of Palazzo Corsini al Prato

Mostra mercato di artigiani
e designer del gioiello


PREZIOSA MAKERS is in its first edition.
The result of a collaboration between LAO and ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, this section of Florence Jewellery Week promises to become one of the fulcrums of the event. The idea is to offer a space to all the people who create jewellery and want to multiply the opportunities to meet with an audience of admirers and buyers. FJW also wants to be a platform for the promotion and launch of design and craftsmanship. Participants are selected on the basis of the quality of their proposals, and can interact directly with visitors and customers, without any intermediary. For the duration of the event, the author is present in each individual space, while in the collective space each exhibitor has left his contact details for interested persons.



Noblesse Di Antonella Fassina
Clarissa Atelier
Claudia Callai
Matuta Gioielli
Domenico Baccellieri
Dorthe Lutkemeyer Gioielli Schmuckdesign
Fàbera Gioielli Etici D’autore
Giulia Sorvillo Di Serino
Stacy Hopkins
Stella Battaglia
Alisi Gioielli
Alessio Sorrentino
Marina Calamai


Barbara Minor Enamels
CRC gioielli
Eugenia Back Jewelry
Flor Rubaja
Francesca Mo
Laura Forte
Roberta Consalvo Sances
Tea Galastri
Gioielli Donati
Maddalena Rocco

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