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28 April – 1 May

Florence Jewellery Week 2022
Stables of Palazzo Corsini al Prato

Display your jewels in the first and most prestigious

Jewellery Week in Italy

the contest


Designer, artigiani, artisti senza limiti di età e di qualsiasi provenienza.

What to exhibit

Jewels made with any technique and any material. The requirements for participation are: quality, innovation, originality of the products.
The selection will be made by the organizers. There are few places available and therefore, with the same requirements, the order of arrival of requests will be decisive.

How does it work

Fill in the online FORM with the description of your objects, a short CV and some images, as per instructions.


Deadline for submitting applications:
25 February 2022

Notification of the selected candidates:
10 March 2022


    The space intended for PREZIOSA MAKERS is inside the beautiful Palazzo Corsini al Prato, the same building that hosts the prestigious ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO event. The ancient stables and the adjoining rooms offer an evocative exhibition space to an audience of visitors accustomed to frequenting the Corsini Garden.

    What we offer

    20 individual places.
    Each exhibitor will have a reserved space, set up with a table, two chairs and one or two showcases to display their jewels. Anyone who wants can give up the display cabinets and present their products as they prefer.
    A panel with the name and logo will be behind the exhibitor.
    Exhibitors must always be present during opening hours to the public and will be able to sell their jewels directly. No percentage will be due to the organization.

    10 places for collective presentation.
    Each participant will have a showcase at his disposal.
    It will not be necessary to be present: exhibitors will not have the possibility of direct sales, but will leave their business cards and other promotional material available to visitors.

    Communication and promotion

    PREZIOSA MAKERS is one of the main events of FJW, and therefore will be included in the general program of FJW and promoted in the same way as the general project, with presence and updates on the social networks and on the websites of the organizers. Dedicated press releases will also be issued. A PDF catalogue will be sent to all participants and to the organizers’ vast network of contacts, and will also be published in browsable format and will remain online for a whole year. Each participant will be presented with names, contacts and one / two photos of the products.


    Individual workstation:
    500 euros plus VAT

    Collective presentation:
    250 euros plus VAT







    Stables of Palazzo Corsini al Prato

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