Ruudt Peters

Ruudt Peters

Naaldwijk ,The Netherlands, 1950

In his research the jewel becomes part of a system of representation in which religions, philosophies, symbols and alchemy, combined with encounters and the suggestions of other cultures experienced during his travels, are melded, mingled and reworked, going to make up the prime matter of his works.
His jewels are organised into ‘families’ linked to a specific reference, such as for example the stage of an alchemical process for Iosis (2002) or the Kabbalah for Sefiroth (2006), and to the materials used to make them as in Lapis (1997), where the mineral powders are reworked to create a new material. Nevertheless, an overview of his work enables us to grasp the consistency of a process that has conceived the jewel as a condensate of emotions and suggestions, an object imbued with an archaic rituality while being enunciated in an idiom that is entirely contemporary.
The artist chosen by Ruudt Peters is Evert Nijland

1970-1974 studied Jewellery design Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL
1967-1970 studied Medical Instrumentmaker Fysiological Labor, Leiden NL

2004-2009 Professor Ädellab Metaldepartment Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts Stockholm SE
2001- Founder Opere International Jeweleryschool, Ravenstein, NL
1990-2000 Head Jewelry Department Gerrit Rietveld Academie,Amsterdam NL
1983-1990 Teacher High school for the Arts Constantijn Huygens, Kampen NL

2010 “Anima” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen. NL
2007 “Sefi roth” Galerie Spektrum Munchen G; “Sefi roth” Mass Art college of art and design Boston USA; “Sefi roth” Ornamentum Hudson NY USA; “Alchemy” Gallery Beatrice Lang Bern SW
2006 “Sefi roth” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen. NL; “CHANGE & Installations” CODA museum Apeldoorn NL; “Iosis” Hnoss gallery, Gotenburg, S; “CHANGE” SCA gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, AUS
2005 “Azoth” gallery Ornamentum Hudson NY USA; “CHANGE” Kulturhuset Stockholm, SE; “Azoth” galerie Marzee Nijmegen NL
2004 “Der Stein trugt” Villa Bengel Idar Oberstein G; “Azoth” Galerie Spektrum Munchen G
2003 “CHANGE” Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau G; “CHANGE” Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim G; “CHANGE” Designmuseum, Gent B; “CHANGE” Beurs van Berlage Museum, Amsterdam NL
2002 “CHANGE” Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem NL

2005 Marzee Award 2005 (for oeuvere) Gallery Marzee Nijmegen NL
2004 Herbert Hofmann Award 2004 (for Iosis) Munchen G
2000 Françoise van den Bosch Award 2000 (for oeuvere) Amsterdam NL
1995 nomination Design Prijs Rotterdam ‘95 (for Ouroboros) Rotterdam NL
1993 nomination ‘Design Prijs Rotterdam’ (for Passio) Rotterdam NL
1993 ‘Only One’ prize, design of perfume bottle (for Passio)
1991 nomination for the “Lage Landen Prijs”,(for Interno) Kunstrai 91, Amsterdam NL

2006 ‘Sefi roth’ text by Jorunn Veiteberg
2002 ‘Change’ text by Liesbeth den Besten, Marie-Jose van den Hout / Rob Kurvers
2000 ‘Pneuma’, text by Gabi Dewald
1999 ‘Vinkhoek’ text by Tracy Metz
1997 ‘Lapis’, text by Gert Staal
1995 ‘Ouroboros’, text by Jan Hein Sassen
1992 ‘Passio ‘, text by Marjan Unger
1991 ‘Interno’, text by Ans van Berkum
1989 ‘Dedicated To’, text by Ans van Berkum
1986 ‘Verleden beelden’, by Cees Strauss

2010 Guest curator “Lingam” exhibition Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht.NL
2009 Curator “Lingam” exhibition Konstfack University of Arts,Craft Stockholm SE; Juror “so fresh” jewellery award by Pierre Lang Vienna. AU
2007 Juror Vermeulen Brauckman Award Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht.NL extential examinator RISD school of design Providence USA; Juror Absolute Beauty 16e International Silverart Competition Legnica Poland
2007-2009 Juror Dutch Design Award Eindhoven. NL
2005 Juror personal selection SCHMUCK 2006 Munchen G

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