Yasuki Hiramatsu

Yasuki Hiramatsu

1926, Osaka, Japan
1952-1957 Twice awareded prizes from the Living Industrial Arts Institute, Tokyo, Japan
1969 Gold Prize at 3rd Craft Center Japan
1970 Prize at the Japan New Craft Exhibition, Tokyo
1990 Created a present for the emperor’s mother to bestow on the empress on her enthronement
1991 41st Craft Award in Excellence awarded by the Japanese Government Ministry of Education
1994 First non-European to be awarded ‘the Ring of Goldsmiths’ from Gellschaft fur Goldschmiedekunst
1995 Awarded ìContribution to Design Promotion’ by the Japanese Government Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1996 Awared ‘Der Baycrischen Staatspreis’ by the Bayern Government Ministry, Germany
1997 Awared ‘Kunii Kitaro Prize’ by Japan Industrial Art Foundation.

1978 Galerie am Graben, Wien, Austria
1990 Electrum Gallery, London
1993 Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu Retirement Exhibition, Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music
1994 STUDIO TON BERENDS, Den Haag, Holland1995 LUISE SMIT, Amsterdam, Holland
1996 Galerij Sofie Lachaert, Gent, Belgium
1997 Magari, Barcelona, Spain; Galerij Sofie Lachaert, Antwerpen, Belgium
2006 Gallery HANAIRO, Anraku-ji (temple), Kyoto
2008 Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

1950-54 Exhibited six times at the Imperial Academy Exhibition, Tokyo
1952-57 Accepted siw times for the Exhibition Modern Living Industrial Arts
1960-94 The Japan New Craft Exhibition, Tokyo
1964-90 The Japan Jewellery Exhibition, Tokyo
1964-70 Exhibited six times at the Munchen International Special Show, “Form and Quality”
1966 The World Jewellery Exhibition, “International Goldschmiedkunst, Aalen” by invitation, Germany
1968-70 Exhibited at the Jewellery Exhibition, Carrara in Italy, by Invitation
1974 “the Basel Fair Special Exhibition” Switzeland by invitation
1976 “Aurea ‘76 Biennale delle Arti orafe” in Firenze, Italy by invitation
1980“Schmuck International” Wien; “Japan Style” Victoria and Alber Museum, London
1981 “The 2nd International Gold and Silver Trade Fair of Arezzo” Arezzo, Italy
1982 “Sieben Japaner” at Atelier Mattar, Koln
1987 “Schmuck International” Linz 1991Four-man exhibition, Galerie Slavik, Wien
1995 The Contemporary Japanese Jewellery Exhibition, Museum of Decorative Arts, Gent Belgium
1996 “Schmuck im Schloss” Salzburg, Austria
1997 “Japanese Contemporariws” Japanese Jewellery Exhibition, Lesley Craze Gallery, London
2000 Thought on Contemporary Vessels ‘UTSUWA’” The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2001 “Mikromegas” Galeria Fur Angewandte Kunst Munchen; 102 “Contemporary Japanese jewellery” Craft Council Gallery, London; Contemporary jewellery in Japan “Goldschmiede Schneider-Rappel”
2002 From the Rising Sun” Vizo-Gallery, Brussel, Belgium
2006 “Gold in Art: Painting, sculpture, craft and jewellery” Kushiro City Museum of Art; “Trasfiguration: Japanese art jewellery today” ; Craft Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2007 Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music the 120 anniversary; “NOW” of the Japanese Arts – Paintings Sculptures Crafts – Mitsukosi, Tokyo 2008“ A Japanese Dialogue”, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

1980 Bayerische Akademie der Schonen
Kunste, Munchen 1990 Royal College of Art, masterclass workshop, London.

Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo. Imperial Household
Agency, Tokyo. Pforzheim Schmuckmuseum, Germany. Royal College
of Art, London. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Royal Museum
of Scotland, Edinburgh. Museum fur Kunstandwerk, Hamburg, Germany.

Member of the Japan Craft Design Association.
Honoured member of the Japan Jewellery Designers Association Honoured member of the Mitglied von der Gesellschaft fur Goldschmiedekunst, e.v. Professor Emeritus, Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music.

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