Sebastian Buescher

Sebastian Buescher

1978, Cologne, Germany

2007 ‘The Pygmy Retrospective’, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy ;
The Red Collection’, The Vault at Quirk Gallery, Richmond, USA; ‘Imperfection Please’, Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, Holland.

2007 Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, Germany 2006 The Alice and Louis Koch Collection, Switzerland.

2003 BJA Certificate of Merit. The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths: Goldsmith’s Award First Prize. Rashbel Marketing Award.
Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council: Craftsmanship & Design Awards. Fashion Jewellers Finished Pieces Gold Award.

2009 Lucca Preziosa Catalogue, Lucca, Italy
2008 Galerie Rob Koudijs Magazine, 07/08, Amsterdam, Holland.
2007 Romancing The Stone, Manchester, UK.
2007 ‘Kunst en Antiek Journaal-Collect’, 2007 nr 5, Amsterdam, Holland.
2007 Crafts Magazine, Mar/Apr, London, UK.
2007 Vault Project Catalogue, Quirk Gallery, Virginia, USA.
2007 7×7 Guide, Spring, San Francisco, USA.
2006 Gallery Magazine, December, Ukraine.
2006 New Directions in Jewellery 2, Black Dog Publishing, London, UK.
2006 Crafts Magazine ‘Big Ideas’, May/June, London, UK
2006 Koru 2 Catalogue, Finland.
2006 Art Review, February 2006, London, UK.
2006 MFF Magazine for Fashion, January 15 2006, Milan, Italy.
2006 Crafts Magazine, Jan/Feb, London, UK.
2005 Lesley Craze Gallery, 2006 Events Catalogue, London UK.
2005 Metalsmith Magazine, September, USA.
2004 Very Fashion 3, Styleguide, London, UK.
2004 Findings, issue 27, London, UK.
2003 Elle Decoration, July, London UK.
2002 Mushroom Magazine, October, Germany.

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