Jivan Astfalck

Jivan Astfalck

Berlin, Germany

Jivan Astfalck – Love Zoo, with an essay by Bernice Donszelmann, UCE/BIAD, Centre for Design Innovation, Birmingham, UK, 2005
Jewellery as a Fine Art Practice in ‘New Directions in Jewellery’, book essay, Black Dog Publishing ,London, 2005
Difference and Resemblance in ‘Six Views on a Practice in Change’, book essay, Crafts In Dialogue, IASPIS, Stockholm, 2005
Whose Jewellery is it anyway? in ‘Challenging Crafts’, Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University, 2004,
Skin-Carnival in ‘Nocturnus’, Pädaste Manor, Muhu Island, Estonia, 2001
Betwixt in ‘Making and Unmaking’, University of Portsmouth, Design History Society, 2000
Tacita Dentata, in ‘things’ no. 12, 2000
Semaphore in ‘The Body Politic’, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Crafts Council, London, 1999
Poiema – Work and Fiction in ‘Ideas in the Making: Practice in Theory’, University of East Anglia, Crafts Council, London, 1998
The Hand that Thinks in ‘Obscure Objects of Desire – Reviewing the Crafts of the 20th Century’, Crafts Council, London, 1997

2006 (solo) Hnoss, Goetheburg, Sweden
2005 (solo) Raum fuer Schmuck, Cologne, Germany
2005 Maker-Viewer-Wearer ‘European Narrative Jewellery’, The Glasgow School of Art, UK; The Scottish Gallery, UK; Galerie Marzee, NL
2004 Hide, installation for ‘Self’, touring exhibition, Angel Row Gallery; Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery; Piece Hall Art Gallery; McManus Galleries; mac
2004 Ursprung, Forum für Schmuck and Design, Germany + UK
2004 The Stuff of Life, collaborative installation/exhibition, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK
2004 Dust to Dust, University Gallery, University of Essex, UK
2004 Jewellery-Unlimited, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
2002 Bohemian Princess, Okresni Museum, Turnov, Czech Republic
2002 exultet II, St Augustine’s Church, London
2001 Beyond Materials, Silperkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
2001 On Memory and Loss, installation for ‘Acknowledged Sources’, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
2001 Nocturnus, Pädaste Manor, Muhu Island, Estonia
2001 Bei meiner Ehre, Forum für Schmuck and Design, Germany & UK
1999 Tacita Dentat, Atrium Gallery, University of Central England, Birmingham

Jivan Astfalck – Love Zoo, BIAD, Centre for Design Innovation, UK, 2005
The Stuff of Life, Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK, 2007
Wire Jewellery, Hans Stofer (ed.), London: A&C Black, 2006
Maker-Viewer-Wearer ‘European Narrative Jewellery’, UK, 2005
Self, Craftspace-Touring, UK, 2004
Ursprung, Forum für Schmuck and Design, Germany, 2004
Dust to Dust, University of Essex, UK, 2004
Jewellery-Unlimited, The Association for Contemporary Jewellery, UK, 2004
Nocturnus, Tallinn, Estonia, 2001
Bei meiner Ehre, Forum für Schmuck and Design, Germany, 2001
The Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery, CDRom, BIAD, UK, 2000
Narratives, Museum of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, 1999
Memento Mori, Forum für Schmuck und Design, Germany, 1998

Castle Museum, Nottingham, UK
Okresni Museum, Turnov, CZ

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