Project by Carla Riccoboni

Coordination by Alice Rendon

The initiative will be held in Italian

Free participation upon registration/selection 

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SEGNI SUL VOLTO (SIGNS OVER THE FACE) is the brainchild of Carla Riccoboni, an Italian designer and goldsmith, a historic self-producer of jewellery, who has always been interested in the concept of seriality and the ethical and social implications of her profession:

“We are living in a historical moment of great cultural and social transformations, a climate emergency that is perhaps also one of the causes of the Covid problem and we are approaching an unprecedented economic crisis… If jewellery is to be rethought in the light of a new reality, memory is one of the indispensable values.” – Carla Riccoboni

The aim of the project is to design a collection of objects for the face, as an opportunity to reflect on the identity value of ornamentation, which is charged with symbolic as well as decorative values:

“At a time in history when the pandemic has forced us to cover our faces with a mask, we can rethink of it as the first and most significant means of communication”. – Carla Riccoboni

The first phase, the SEMINAR, will take place in October and will be open to interested people (participation is free upon registration). A series of meetings transmitted on an online platform will be devoted to talks by various experts who will focus on the narrative of jewellery and facial decoration over the centuries, in the present day and in possible future scenarios.

The key themes investigated during the seminar will be the relationship between sign and identity, its expressive and symbolic meanings in history and in the present day, the interdependence between the environment and ornamental forms, the question of gender, and the prospects for decoration and transformation of the body with the advent of new technologies. Participants will be invited to share images and personal reflections in a space intended for the exchange and confrontation of ideas.

The second phase, the WORKSHOP, will take place in November at the Le Arti Orafe school and will be reserved for a limited number of participants (participation is free upon selection). This phase will focus on the collective design of a collection of singular multiples, namely families of objects in which a principle of aesthetic variation determines the customization of each piece. Then the creation of the prototypes will follow in the school laboratories, accompanied by the study of communication and the presentation of the outcomes of the project. At the end of the work, an exhibition will be held and a debate will be open about the effectiveness of what has been achieved.

LAO will issue a certificate of participation in the workshop and the stages and results of the project will be published on the school website in the form of a browsable PDF.




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