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Access to exhibitions and lectures is free. Seats in lectures are limited, so we suggest you to fill in this registration form.
Simultaneous translation Italian-English-Italian is planned for all conferences

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26 May - 11.00-13.00/14.30-18.00

Inger Wästberg 11:00 Transformation from craft to art
Martina Dempf 12:00 Jewellery and wood, an artistic challenge
Kevin Murray 14:30 Global art jewellery
Roberta Bernabei 15:30 Integrating traditional and high-tech goldsmithing techniques in wearables and jewellery that aid wellbeing
Robert Baines 16:30 Jewellery on the high wire

27 May - 11.00-13.00/14.30-18.00

David Loepp 11:30 Experimental replication of a granulated gold bead from an ancient tomb in Omam
Maria Laura La Mantia 12:15 The moon, the sky and the way up stars. A short digression about the use of celestial symbols through the item or gems in jewellery, between the 18th and the 20th century
Maria Cristina Bergesio 14:30 Alice in contemporary jewellery world
Shruti Agrawal 15:30 Body adornments, body paintings. Permanent and semi-permanent markingss
Tasso Mattar 16:30 Jewelry inspired by nature


Workshop Tasso Mattar “Enjoying organic material” Date & Time: 29/30 May 9-13/14-18
Workshop Fee: € 350,00
Participants’ requirement for admission: basic skills in craftsmanship/jewellery making.
In a two-days workshop, he will show how to deal with a selection of organic materials. Their preparation, processing and transformation into jewellery.
All participants are requested to bring along material. Each participant will complete at least one piece of jewellery.
Workshop Martina Dempf “Touch Wood” Date & Time: 29/30 May 9-13/14-18
Workshop Fee: € 350,00
Participant's requirement for admission: basic skills in craftsmanship/jewellery making.
Object: “Over recent years, wood has become more of a subject matter for contemporary artistic jewellers. The creative mind of the artist, in combination with his/her experienced craftsmanship, is able to yield stunning and innovative jewellery in wood.”
The school can provide a tool kit for people who cannot bring their own tools. A security deposit of 200 € will be paid by the arrival and will be refunded at the end of the workshop, after the return of the full kit. Damaged or broken tools will be reimbursed to the school.
You will receive a confirmation email with the instructions for the payment (50% at the moment of the confirmation of your registration and 50% the first day of the workshop). There is no refund in case the registered person will not arrive in Florence to attend the workshop.
PAYMENT METHOD: Bank Transfer to LAO srl
IBAN: IT 67 B 05034 02801 000000 136267
BANK NAME: BANCO POPOLARE - Piazza Davanzati, 3 – 50123 Firenze
Master Class reserved to LAO students
Students from other schools can apply to attend. They will be admitted free of charge up to the completion of the places
Kevin Murray “Promise Object”
Robert Baines “Post gradual research proposal”
Condition of partecipation
I accept the conditions of participation.