Preziosa 2010


Florence, Leopoldine old Cloister, 21st of May-20th of June, 2010
Curator, Maria Cristina Bergesio
Coordinator, Giò Carbone

The 2010’s edition of PREZIOSA presents three masters of research jewellery: three artists, three different nationalities, a geographical line leading from North to South: the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. The common elements to be found in their works, in different declensions, are change, metamorphosis and transformation. The three artists have been asked to select a younger artist to set up a dialogue with: the exhibition is thus driven by a “spirit of dialogue”.

Artists “Couples”:
Giampaolo Babetto/Helen Britton
Johamma Dahm/Andi Gut
Ruudt Peters/Evert Nijland