Preziosa 2009

Cutting the mirror. An aesthetic lexicon

New Delhi, April 2009.
Lucca, Villa Bottini. May 2009.
Curator, Maria Cristina Bergesio
Coordinator, Giò Carbone

The 2009’s edition of PREZIOSA could be considered an attempt to approach the complex theme of beauty in the research jewellery. Looking at the exhibition as a whole, we may look at the metamorphosis and the erosion of the classic beauty ideals from the ’60 till today.

Mario Pinton, Yasuki Hiramatsu, Graziano Visintin, Robert Baines, Georg W. Dobler, Annelies Planteijdt, Karl Fritsch, Svenja John, David Bielander, Lisa Walker, Sally Marsland, Sebastian Buescher

Lucca Preziosa, Cutting the mirror.
Concept by Maria Cristina Bergesio

The 2009’s edition of Lucca Preziosa could be considered an attempt to approach the complex theme of beauty in the research jewellery.
In the commercial jewellery the main aim is to give beauty to the person that will wear jewels, this is its first function. The jewel is an object that is giving a codified beauty and that of course have to respect rules and canons. This is not happening in the word of research jewellery. The jewel is an aesthetic work for itself and is an expression of a specific artistic choice. Moreover it is an empathic work that requires an active attitude of the public, a more reflective look, an observation of its peculiarities, shapes, materials, contents, provocations.
The aim of the exhibition is to give an idea of the wide range of various researches in act in the jewellery as an art form.
To explore this stratified field the exhibition is thought as an itinerary built up around key-words coming from the lexicon of aesthetics.
The jewels are selected as visualizations of an aesthetic concept that is giving to the public the possibility to focus on a certain aspects of the artist’s research. In this way each work represent a particular declension of the beauty’s concept.
Moreover looking at the exhibition as a whole, it could be possible to see the metamorphosis and the erosion of the classic beauty’s ideals from the ’60 till today. As the visual arts also research jewellery records the opening and the breaking of canons, introducing the shade of beauty: chaos, deformations, imperfections.
Cutting the mirror is a metaphor, giving a suggestion to the public regarding the fact that today there is no more an unique concept of beauty, but complex and stratified conceptions.
The exhibition, organized in a chronological order (following the birth date of the artist), will start with the works a masters that represent the classical beauty, in the sense of harmony and measure.
Around the sixty’s artist looking for a new beauty, working more around the shape of the jewel, outside the rules of traditional jewellery.

Measurement and Order, Mario Pinton
Harmony and Proportion, Yasuki Hiramatsu

The exhibition will go on with pieces by artists that open the concept of beauty and witness a widespread idea of beauty that is characterizing our time.
The jewel is becoming a field of intense experimentation, a condenser of various stimuli.
Each jewel is reflecting a personal path, that could be more linked with a technical experimentation, a poetic content, the structure of the jewel, the use of traditional materials in a new way or a non conventional one, the freedom of imagination, the art of trash, the colour as unique medium, the pleasure of imperfection.

Minimal, Graziano Visintin
Rhythm, Robert Baines
Sehnsucht *nostalgia, Georg W. Dobler
Form, Annelies Planteijdt
Sparkling, Karl Fritsch
Structure, Svenja John
Wit, David Bielander
Kitschen, Lisa Walker
Colour, Sally Marsland
Wabi Sabi *imperfection, Sebastian Buescher


Mario Pinton

Mario Pinton,Padova 1919-2008

Personal exhibitions (selection)

1954 Galleria La Chiocciola, Padua; 1956, Galleria Montenapoleone, Milan; 1967 Handwerkammer, Munich; 1979 Argentum Gallery, Stockholm; 1993 Klassiker 1993, International Handwerksmesse, Munich; 1995, Mario Pinton. L’oreficeria, Stabilimento Pedrocchi, Padua.

Group exhibitions (selection)

1951/1954/1957/1964 Triennale di Milano, Milan; 1961 International Exibition of Modern Jewelry (1890-1961), Goldsmith’s Hall, Londra; 1966, XXXIII Biennale Internazionale d’arte, Venezia; 1977, XI Biennale Internazionale della Piccola Scultura, Padua; 1980, Schmuck International 1900 – 1980, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna; 1983, 10 Orafi padovani, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; 1988, Biennale Svizzera del Gioiello d’arte contemporaneo, Villa Malpensata, Lugano; 1989, Ornamenta I, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; 1992, III° Triennale du Bijou, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; 1995-96,The Best in Contemporary Jewellery, Villa De Bondt, Gand; 1996, New Times, New Thinking: Jewellery in Europe and America; Crafts Council, Londra; 2001, L’arte del gioiello ed il gioiello d’artista dal ‘900 ad oggi, Museo degli Argenti, Firenze; 2001, Immaginazione aurea, Mole Antonelliana, Ancona; 2008, Gioielli d’Autore. Padova e la Scuola dell’oro, Palazzo della Ragione, Padua.

In the collection of

Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; Musèe des Arts Decoratifs, Paris; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Pinakothek der Moderne, Danner - Rotunde, Munich; Inge Asenbaum Collection, Vienna


1951, Medaglia di bronzo, IX Triennale di Milano; 1955, Primo premio per l’oreficeria e Secondo Premio per l’argenteria, Mostra Nazionale Oreficeria, Vicenza; 1957, Medaglia d’oro, XI Triennale di Milano; 1963, Primo premio, Biennale Arti Decorative, Venezia; 1964, International Goldsmiths Exhibition Form und Qualitä, Munich; 1966, Medaglia d’oro per l’oreficeria, Biennale, Venezia; 1975, Golden Ehrering, Hanau – Mein; 1976 Herbert Hoffmann Preis, Munich; 1984, Medaglia d’oro dei Benemeriti della scuola, della cultura e dell’arte, Ministero Pubblica Istruzione, Roma; 2004 Il sigillo della città di Padova, Padua; 2006, Medaglia d’oro, Camera di Commercio, Tempio di Adriano, Roma; 2007 Padovano eccellente, Padua.

Publications (selection)

Schollmayer Karl, Neur Schmuck, ornamentum humanum, Tubinga, Wasmuth, 1974; Segato Giorgio, La misura seducente, in Mario Pinton. L’oreficeria, Padova, 1995; Falk Fritz, Holzach Cornelie, Schmuck der Moderne 1960 – 1998, Arnoldsche, Stoccarda, 1999; Folchini Grassetto Graziella, Contemporary Jellery. The Padua School, Arnoldsche, Stoccarda, 2005; Bergesio Maria Cristina, Lenti Lia, Dizionario del gioiello italiano. XIX e XX secolo, Allemandi, Torino, 2005; Cisotto Nalon Mirella, Spiazzi Anna Maria, Gioielli d’Autore. Padova e la Scuola dell’oro, Allemandi, Torino, 2008.

Yasuki Hiramatsu

Yasuki Hiramatsu, 1926, Osaka, Japan

EDUCATION: 1957 Graduated Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

1952-1957 Twice awareded prizes from the Living Industrial Arts Institute, Tokyo, Japan
1969 Gold Prize at 3rd Craft Center Japan
1970 Prize at the Japan New Craft Exhibition, Tokyo
1990 Created a present for the emperor’s mother to bestow on the empress on her enthronement
1991 41st Craft Award in Excellence awarded by the Japanese Government Ministry of Education
1994 First non-European to be awarded ‘the Ring of Goldsmiths’ from Gellschaft fur Goldschmiedekunst
1995 Awarded ìContribution to Design Promotion’ by the Japanese Government Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1996 Awared ‘Der Baycrischen Staatspreis’ by the Bayern Government Ministry, Germany
1997 Awared ‘Kunii Kitaro Prize’ by Japan Industrial Art Foundation.


1978 Galerie am Graben, Wien, Austria
1990 Electrum Gallery, London
1993 Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu Retirement Exhibition, Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music
1994 STUDIO TON BERENDS, Den Haag, Holland1995 LUISE SMIT, Amsterdam, Holland
1996 Galerij Sofie Lachaert, Gent, Belgium
1997 Magari, Barcelona, Spain; Galerij Sofie Lachaert, Antwerpen, Belgium
2006 Gallery HANAIRO, Anraku-ji (temple), Kyoto
2008 Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.


1950-54 Exhibited six times at the Imperial Academy Exhibition, Tokyo
1952-57 Accepted siw times for the Exhibition Modern Living Industrial Arts
1960-94 The Japan New Craft Exhibition, Tokyo
1964-90 The Japan Jewellery Exhibition, Tokyo
1964-70 Exhibited six times at the Munchen International Special Show, “Form and Quality”
1966 The World Jewellery Exhibition, “International Goldschmiedkunst, Aalen” by invitation, Germany
1968-70 Exhibited at the Jewellery Exhibition, Carrara in Italy, by Invitation
1974 “the Basel Fair Special Exhibition” Switzeland by invitation
1976 “Aurea ‘76 Biennale delle Arti orafe” in Firenze, Italy by invitation
1980“Schmuck International” Wien; “Japan Style” Victoria and Alber Museum, London
1981 “The 2nd International Gold and Silver Trade Fair of Arezzo” Arezzo, Italy
1982 “Sieben Japaner” at Atelier Mattar, Koln
1987 “Schmuck International” Linz 1991Four-man exhibition, Galerie Slavik, Wien
1995 The Contemporary Japanese Jewellery Exhibition, Museum of Decorative Arts, Gent Belgium
1996 “Schmuck im Schloss” Salzburg, Austria
1997 “Japanese Contemporariws” Japanese Jewellery Exhibition, Lesley Craze Gallery, London
2000 Thought on Contemporary Vessels ‘UTSUWA’” The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2001 “Mikromegas” Galeria Fur Angewandte Kunst Munchen; 102 “Contemporary Japanese jewellery” Craft Council Gallery, London; Contemporary jewellery in Japan “Goldschmiede Schneider-Rappel”
2002 From the Rising Sun” Vizo-Gallery, Brussel, Belgium
2006 “Gold in Art: Painting, sculpture, craft and jewellery” Kushiro City Museum of Art; “Trasfiguration: Japanese art jewellery today” ; Craft Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
2007 Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music the 120 anniversary; “NOW” of the Japanese Arts - Paintings Sculptures Crafts - Mitsukosi, Tokyo 2008“ A Japanese Dialogue”, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.


1980 Bayerische Akademie der Schonen
Kunste, Munchen 1990 Royal College of Art, masterclass workshop, London.

PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo. Imperial Household
Agency, Tokyo. Pforzheim Schmuckmuseum, Germany. Royal College
of Art, London. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Royal Museum
of Scotland, Edinburgh. Museum fur Kunstandwerk, Hamburg, Germany.


Member of the Japan Craft Design Association.
Honoured member of the Japan Jewellery Designers Association Honoured member of the Mitglied von der Gesellschaft fur Goldschmiedekunst, e.v. Professor Emeritus, Tokyo national University of Fine Arts and Music.

Graziano Visintin

Graziano Visintin, 1954 Padua, Italy


1984 Galerie Pulitzer, Amsterdam;
1986 Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen
1987 Galerie Louise Smith, Amsterdam; Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen
1990 Galerie Treykorn, Berlin
1991 Rarefrazioni, Galleria Civica, Padua
1992 New Jewels Gallery, Knokke Zoute
1995 Galerie Treykorn, Berlin
1998 Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris; Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen
2004 Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen.


1973 Concorso arti orafe. “UNO A ERRE “, Arezzo
1974-75-78 Internationale Schmuckschau FORM UND QUALITAT, IHM, München; Armschmuck, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim
1981 Galerie Atrium, Basel; Galerie Am Graben, Wien; Internationale Kunstmesse, Basel
1982 Schmuck und Gerät, Sonderschau der Internationalen Handwerksmesse, München
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1984 Electrum Gallery, London
1986 6th Tokyo Triennal, Yurakucho Art Forum, Tokyo; Tsukashin Hall, Osaka; XIV Biennale Internazionale del Bronzetto, Museo Civico agli Eremitani, Padua
1987 Joeria Europea Contemporania, Fundacion Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona; 1° Biennale du Bijou, Bibliothèque
Forney Hôtel de Sens, Paris 1988 1° Biennale del Gioiello Svizzero, Villa Malpensata, Lugano; Benson & Hedges Gold:”ART+DESIGN”, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Stadmuseum, Dusseldorf; Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau; Gallerie Pels-Leusden Villa Grisebach, Berlin
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2002 Master pieces - Capolavori, Palazzo Bricherasio, Turin
2007 SOFA, Cichago
2008 Gioielli d’Autore Padova e la Scuola dell’Oro, Palazzo della Ragione, Padua.


1973 Concorso oreficeria “UNO A ERRE”, Arezzo
1983 International Jewellery Art Prize, 5th Tokyo Triennal, Tokyo
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Robert Baines

Robert Baines, 1949, Melbourne, Australia

Solo Exhibition (a selection)

2008/2009 DESIGNMUSEO, The Schatzkammer: A Treasury of Evidence, Helsinki, Finland Museum für Angewandte Kunst; Frankfurt;
2007 Gallery Funaki, Gold Rings a very sweet tune, Melbourne;
2004 Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Robert Baines Entdecker der antiken Goldschmiedetechnik, München;
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1978 David Jones Art Gallery, Sculpture to be Worn, Sydney;
1977 Realities Gallery, Sculpture, Jewellery and Other Objects, Melbourne.

Group Exhibitions (a selection)

2008, Jewelerswerk, Washington D.C.; 2007 Schmuck 2007, Munich; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Galerie Biró, Opposition is True Friendship, München; 2006 Schmuckmuseum, More Jewellery-Time Travel in the Jewellery Museum Collections, Pforzheim; 2005 Schmuck 2005, Munich; Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Closer, Lisboa; 2003 Bijou Contemporain, Robert Baines und Karl Fritsch, Cagnes-sur-Mer; Stadtische Galerie im Rathausfletz Neuburg an der Donau, Schmuck, Robert Baines und Karl Fritsch Schmuck, Neuburg; 2001Bayerischer Kunstgwerbe-Verain , Micromegas; Stadtische Galerie im Rathausfletz Neuburg an der Donau; Helen Drutt Gallery, Philadelphia; Commemmorative Medals/Trophies:The Politics of History, Philadelphia; Tarbekunstimuseumis, Spectaculum, Tallinn; 1999 Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Australian Craft: A Japanese View, Hokkaido; Takaoka City Art Museum, Takaoka; Museum of Modern Art Shiga, Shiga; Customs House, Sydney; 1998 Schmuck '98, Müchen; National Museums of Scotland, Jewellery Moves, Edinburgh; Helen Drutt, Philadelphia, Brooching it Diplomatically : A Tribute to Madeleine K. Albright, Philadelphia, The Museum of Contemporary Art's, Hertogenbosch, Konstindustrrimuset, Helsinki, Kunstgwerbemuseum, Berlin, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; 19th & 20th Century Australian Painting Sculpture and Decorative Arts 1997, Sydney & Melbourne, Granulation 1996. Internationaler Schmuckwettbewerb; Pforzheim, Hanau, München, Münster, St. Gallen, Erfurt and Augsburg, 376 Collins St, Ord Minnet, Melbourne; Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Australian Decorative Arts Survey 1995: The Object All Sublime, Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria; Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, The Changing Face of Melbourne; 1841-1993, Melbourne; 1992 Art Gallery of Western Australia, Design Visions - the 2nd Australian International Crafts Triennial. Australia - New Design Visions, Perth; 1991 Canberra School of Art Gallery, Contemporary Australian Hollow Ware, Canberra, Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga, Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Australia; 1989 Hamilton Regional Gallery, Directions –Silversmithing, Hamilton, Australia, Australian High Court, Canberra, Australia; 1988 Australian National Gallery, Australian Decorative Arts 1900-1985, Canberra, Australia; 1985 National Gallery of Victoria, Treasures from Australian Churches, Melbourne, Orgehang, Galerie am Graben, Vienna; 1984 Galleries of Victoria, Four Directions, Mildura, Benalla, Morwell, Horsham, Australia; 1982 Australia Council, Australian Jewellery, European Tour; 1981 Axion Gallery, One Year Later, Melbourne; Schmuckmuseum, Tendenzen 1982, Pforzheim; 1980 Australia Council, Objects to Human Scale, toured Japan, Hong Kong, Phillipines.

Museum and Collections

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer; Deutsches Blockflötenmuseum, Fulda; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Waikato Museum of Art and History, Hamilton, New Zealand; Australian National Gallery, Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Banyule Art Collection, The Victorian State Craft Collection, Melbourne; Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia; Diamond Valley Art Award Collection; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.


2008 Friedrick Becker Preis; 2007 RMIT University Research Prize for outstanding Thesis, Australia; 2005 Bayerischer Staatpreis 2005 gold medal, 57 Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich; RMIT Innovation Research Award, Portfolio of Design and Social Context, Australia; 1997 Cicely and Colin Rigg Craft Award, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia; 1975/ 1974 Diamond Valley Award, Australia; 1970 Puzsar Award, RMIT, Australia; Best Third Year Jewellery Award, RMIT, Australia


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Georg W. Dobler
Solo-Exhibitions: Selection

1982 Galerie RA, Amsterdam (NL)
1983 Galerie V. & V., Wien (A)
1984 HET KRUITHUIS, Dienst Beeldende Kunst, s'Hertogenbosch (NL)
1985 Gallery HELEN DRUTT, Philadelphia (USA), Galerie MATTAR, Köln (D)
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1989 Galerie POSITURA, Barcelona (E)
1990 Galerie RA, Amsterdam ( NL )
1991 Galerie f. Mod. Schmuck, Frankfurt/M (D)
1992 Galerie V. & V., Wien (A), Galerie SPEKTRUM, München (D)
1994 Galerie für Modernen Schmuck, Frankfurt/M (D)
1995 Gallery HELEN DRUTT, Philadelphia (USA)
1996 Galerie RA, Amsterdam (NL), ART BOX, Waregem-Gent (B), Galerie Sofie Lachaert , Antwerpen (B), Gallery HELEN DRUTT, Philadelphia (USA)
1998 Werkstattgalerie Berlin (D)
2000 Galerie Spektrum München (D), Galerie RA, Amsterdam, ( NL ), Grassi Museum, Leipzig Museum für Kunsthandwerk (D) Katalog
2001 Gallery HELEN DRUTT, Philadelphia (USA)
2003 Galerie Spektrum, München (D) K.
2005 Galleri HNOSS Göteborg (S), Galerie RA, Amsterdam ( NL ),
2006 Hurong Lou Gallery (in cooperation with Helen Drutt ) , Philadelphia (USA)
2007 Galerie V&V Wien (A)
2008 MOBILIA Gallery, Cambridge-Boston, MA. ( USA )

Public Collections

New York Cooper Hewitt Museum; Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum; Berlin, Kunstgewerbe Museum, SMPK; Jerusalem, Israel Museum of Art; Kyoto, National Museum of Modern Art; Pforzheim, Schmuckmuseum; Wien, Museum für angewandte Kunst; Helsinki, Taideteollisuus Museo (Design Museum);
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Houston, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (USA);
Canberra, National Gallery of Australia (AUS);
Boston, Boston Museum of Fine Arts (USA).


1975 + 1980 Goldmedaille beim "Benvenuto Cellini" Wettbewerb
1974 "Das schönste Perljuwel", Preis, "Diamanten Heute", De Beers, 1. Preis
1984 Preis des Landes Berlin
1991 Herbert Hoffmann Gedächtnis Preis, IHM-München
2000 Herbert Hoffmann Gedächtnis Preis, IHM-München
2004 Grassi Preis Leipzig, Museum für Kunsthandwerk-Grassi, Leipzig

Annelies Planteijdt

Annelies Planteijdt,1956, Rotterdam, The Netherland


since 1984 at: Nouvelles images-studio Ton Berends-The Hague; Marzee-Nijmegen; Ra-Amsterdam; Galerie Slavik-Vienna; Museum Het Kruithuis-Den Bosch; Galerie Helene Poree-Paris; Villa de Bondt-Gent.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (a selection) ( *=book or catalogue )

1982 Visions on jewelry-Stedelijk Museum-Amsterdam 1983 *The jewelry project-London
1985 *New traditions-Great Britain; *Attitudes-Nl-GB-Be-De
1987 *Prospectiva-Barcelona; *Concepts,comments,process-Montreal
1989 *Ornamenta-Pforzheim;*Combs-Marzee-Nijmegen-Musem Boymans van Beuningen-Rotterdam
1990 *News from the Netherlands-Gulbenkian Museum-Lisbon;*Triennale europeen du byou-Musee du Luxembourg-Paris 1991 *Europaisches Kunsthandwerk-Stuttgart
1992 *Bjou Triennale-Musee des arts decoratifs-Paris 1993 *Designprize-Kunsthal-Rotterdam
1994 *Signs and chains-Gemeentemuseum-Arnhem 1995 *Handwerksmesse-Munchen ( also in 1980/82/83/2002 )
1996 *Repetitionstravelling exhibition in the U.S.A.
1997 *Passion and profession-Galerie 106 Ra-Amsterdam
1998 *Jewellery moves-Scottish Museum-Edinburgh
1999 *The ring-Sylvie Lambert-Paris ( book and travelling exhibition in the u.s.a. ); *Jjewellery-David Watkins-London ( book )
2000 *The ego adorned-Antwerp; *Jewels of mind and mentality-Museum het kruithuis-Den bosch
2002 *21 tiaras for maxima-Museum het kruithuis-Den bosch
2003 *Roermond’s choise-Stedelijk Museum Rroermond/Marzee-Roermond
2004 Studio Marijke-Padova 2005 *Pensieri preziosi-Goldschmiedehaus-Hanau
2006 *Schmuck-Handwerksmesse-Muenchen/Museum for arts and design-New York; *Radiant-Galerie Ra-Amsterdam
2007 *Galerie Marzee-Nijmegen 2008 *Helen Drutt collection-Renwick Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum-Washington dc.


Stedelijk Museum-Amsterdam; Museum Boymans van Beuningen-Rotterdam; Gemeentemuseum-The Hague;
Gemeentemuseum-Arnhem; Apeldoorns museum-Apeldoorn; Textielmuseum-Tilburg;
Museum het kruithuis-Den Bosch; Zeeuws museum-Middelburg;
Marzee collectie-Galerie Marzee-Nijmegen;
Knapp collection-New York;
Rotasa Foundation-U.S.A.;
lovak National Gallery-Bratislava;
Musee des arts decoratifs-Paris;
Neue Sammlung-Pinakothek der Moderne-Munchen.


1990 Emmy van Leersum Prize-Fonds voor de kunsten-Amsterdam
1993-Nomination Designprize-Rotterdam
1996 Nomination Ra-award-Galerie Ra-Amsterdam
2000 Feja-Vienna (first european jewellery award)
2004 Marzee prize-Galerie Marzee-Nijmegen
2006-Herbert Hoffmann prize-Muenchen
2007 Absolute beauty-Int.Silverart competition-Legnica (honourable mention)
2008 Friedrich Beckerpreis-Hanau (honourable mention).

Karl Fritsch

Karl Fritsch, 1963, Sonthofen,Germany

Solo exhibitions (a Selection)

1995 Galerie Ra, Amsterdam;
1996 Jewellers’werk Gallery, Washington; Galerie Spektrum, München;
1997 Schmuckgalerie Moser, Baar;
1998 Jewellers’werk Gallery, Washington; Gallery Funaki, Melbourne;
1999 Galeria Hipotesi, Barcelona;
2000 Fingers Gallery, Auckland with Lisa Walker; Galerie Ra, Amsterdam; Jewellers’Werk Gallery, Washington;
2001 Galerie Spektrum, München; Gallery Yu, Tokyo; Galerie Schmuckraum, Hannover;
2002 StudioGR 20, Padua; 2003 Galerie Viceversa, Lausanne; Galerie `La Ruota` Cortina;
2004 Gallerie Hnoss, Göteborg; Gallery M, Cleveland, Ohio; Jewellerswerk Gallery Washington; Gallerie Ra, Amsterdam; Gallery Funaki, Melbourne; Neues Museum, Nürnberg;
2005 Gallery Funaki, Melbourne; Galerie Schmuck-Kunst-Kultur, Zug; Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris; Gallery deux poissons, Tokio; Galerie Sophie Lachaert, Tielrode;
2006 Fingers Gallery Auckland; 2007 Stedelijk Museum ´s Hertogenbosch, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim ; 2008 BKV Galerie, München

Group Exhibitions (a Selection)

1993 Gold oder Leben, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München;
1994 Goud Alleen, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam;
1995 4th Generation, Jewelry from Munich, Woods-Gerry Gallery, Providence;
1996 Subjects 96, Art Center, Retretti (FIN), Bergen; Jewellery in Europe and America: New Times, New Thinking, Crafts Council London;
1997 Brooching It Diplomatically, Gallery Helen Drutt, Philadelphia; Jewellery Moves, Royal Museum, Edingburgh;
1998 Micro Organism, Gallery Wooster Gardens, New York; Galerie Biró, München with Berthold Reiß; Galerie Christian Nagel Köln, with Gabi Dziuba;
2000 Spectaculum, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Tallinn; Kunst Hautnah, Künstlerhaus Wien; 2001 Schmuck Lebt!, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim; The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington with Lisa Walker; Gallery Funaki, Melbourne with Lisa Walker; Nocturnus, Pädaste; Galerie Sophie Lachaert, Tielrode with Philip Sajet; Mikromegas, American Craftmuseum New York; The Ring, Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Chicago;
2002 Fünf Goldschmiede, Goetheinstitut Budapest; Städtische Galerie im Rathausfletz, Neuburg with Robert Baines; Extrakt Junge Schmuckdesigner in Deutschland, Bauhaus-Archiv, Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin; Experiment Schmuck, Angermuseum Erfurt; Danner-Preis, Kunstsammlung der Veste Coburg; Gallerie Huber Goueffon, München with Erica Overmeer;
2003 Espace Solidor, Haut-de-Cagnes, with Robert Baines; Galleria Hipotesi,Barcelona, with Tasso Mattar; Deutschland – Neuseeland, Galerie Biro, München; Germany – New Zealend, Anna Bibby Gallery Auckland; 2004 Gioielleria Contemporanea, Studio GR 20 ,Padua; Self, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham ; Maker Wearer Viewer, Contemporary Narrativ European Jewellery, Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow; Ohne Schmuck keine Heimat, Heimatpflegeinformationszentrum des Bezirks Oberbayern, Kloster Benediktbeuern; "Simposium Lisboa
2004`, Galeria Reverso, Lisabon; The Turnov Collection, National Museum of Archäology, Lissabon; Contact, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston; Geel Metalliek, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam; 2005 Collect, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Fools Gold, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh;
2006 Kunstmesse München, BKV Galerie; Frieze Art Fair London 2006, with Francis Upritchard, Kate MacGarry Gallery, London; Art Cologne 2006, with Thomas Palme, Galerie van der Grinten. Köln.

Works in Public collections

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Danner-rotunde, Pinakothek der Moderne, München;
Alice und Louis Koch Kollektion, Schweiz; The Helen Drutt Collection, Philadelphia;
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Royal College of Art, London; Museo Del Gioello d‘autore, Padua; Schmuck und Edelstein Museum, Turnov; Espace Solidor, Haut-de-Cagnes; Schmuck Museum Pforzheim; Anger Museum Erfurt; The Hiko Mizuno Collection, Tokio; Auckland Museum, Auckland; Te Papa National Museum , Wellington; Stedelijk Museum, ´s Hertogenbosch.


1985 Preis der Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim;
1992 Belobigung des Verbandes der Deutschen Schmuck- und Silberwarenindustrie; Stipendium der Jubiläumsstiftung der Landeshauptstadt München;
1995 Herbert-Hoffmann-Gedächtnispreis, Internationale Handwerksmesse München; 96 Förderpreis für angewandte Kunst der Landeshauptstadt München. Stadtgoldschmied der Stadt Erfurt;
1999 Förderpreis 99 des Förderkreises Bildende Kunst in Nürnberg;
2000 Goldstipendium der Firma C. Hafner, Pforzheim; Staatlicher Förderungspreis für junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler, München;
2006 Françoise van den Bosch Award

Selected bibliography

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”The Baby Brick – The Lim Collection”, Darling Publications, Cologne 2007

Svenja John

Svenja John, 1963, Duisburg, west Germany


2007 Bayerischer Staatspreis, Munich 2004 Herbert-Hofmann-Preis, IHM, Munich
2000 Bayerischer Staatspreis, Munich
1999 Landespreis Berlin.


Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin; Grassi Museum, Leipzig; American Craft Museum, New York; Material ConneXion, New York;
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; Danner Stiftung, Munich; Hiko Mizuno Collection, Tokyo; Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim;
Lotte Reimers-Stiftung, Deidesheim/Deutsche Weinstraße; Mint Museum of Craft + Design, New York.


2007 Kaluza Galerie Oona, Berlin. Caleidoscopie, Gallery ab OVO, Todi.
2005 Polycolometron Gallery Sienna,Lenox. Xoa Galerie Oona, Berlin.
2004 Polycolometron Galerie aurum, Frankfurt.
2003 transparenz 10 Zehn Jahre Kunststoffschmuck von Svenja John, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln. Tube Galerie Jewelers`Werk, Washington.
2002 - 2003 tube Galerie Biró, München.
2002 Sanofie Galerie Oona, Berlin. Schmuckstücke in Pavé Galerie IBO, Klagenfurt.
2001 Plastisch fantastisch Galerie IBO, Klagenfurt.
2000 Balance Galerie Biró, München.


2006 non omne estaurum quod splendet, Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Beligium
2005 Proposte - Prosals Galleria Maurer Zilioli, Italy.
A SUMMER CELEBRATION: An assemblage of artists +thoughts + materials = jewelery, Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle
2005 Die Sprache der Dinge Theodor-Zink Museum, Kaiserslautern Arbeiten internationaler Künstler aus der Lotte Reimers-Stiftung
2005 Meister der Moderne internationale Handwerksmesse München. Alternatives: Materials/Means Bannister Gallery, Providence, Rhode. Hanging in Balance
Adair Margo Gallery, El Paso Texas. collect Galerie Ra, London
2004 Treasures from the Vault Museum of Arts+ Design, New York. Contemporary Applied Art London. Loot!
2004 Museum of Arts + Design, New York. Contemporary Applied Art London
2003 Schmuck’2004 München, IHK München. All That Glitters Isn’t Gold Gallery Sienna, New York.
Kunst im Finkenschlag Galerie Vera Winkler, Stuttgart. Joieria contemorània London.
Contemporary Applied Art CaixaForum, Barcelona.
New Alternatives Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. Sofa Galerie Jewelers´Werk, New York.
10 Jahre Galerie Biró Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Budapest
2002 extrakt bauhaus archiv, Berlin. Sofa Galerie Jewelers´Werk, New York. Schmuck lebt! Eine neue Generation
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. Mikromegas München, New York, Genève, Tokyo, Sydny, Perth, Padua
2001 Schmuck`2001 München. Avantgarde im neuen Jahrtausend Bremen
2000 Spectaculum Kunsthandwerkmuseum, Tallinn.

David Bielander

David Bielander,1968 Basel, Switzerland

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium;
2007 Das erste Mal, Galerie Beatrice Lang, Bern, Switzerland;
2006 Stolz und Vorurteil, Galerie Biró, Munich; Allzeit bereit!, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam;
2005 Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Begien;
2004 Pig-headed, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam;
2003 "Silk purse from a sow's ear, us Schyssdrägg Angge mache", with Helen Britton, Galerie Birò, München; Jewellers’werk Galerie, Washington.

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2008 Des Wahnsinns fette Beute – The fat booty of Madness. The jewellery department at the Academie of fine arts Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
Collect – The international art fair for contemporary objects. Victoria & New Play in Art, Heller Foundation Garden, Gardone Riviera, Italy; Albert Museum, London, Großbritannien (with Galerie LouiseSmit, Amsterdam, Niederlande) Weeds: Contemporary Jewellery. Masterworks Gallery, Auckland; De Main à Main/From hand to hand, Mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland; Baby, Bling Bling! Theaterstück, die Vorleserinnen. Zeitgenössische Kunst am Wittelsbacherplatz, 850 Jahrfeier der Stadt München, curator: Elisabeth Hartung/kunst-buero; Now & Then, Antique meets Contemporary, Kath Libberts Jewellery Gallery, Salts Mill, Bradford; Transformation, Gallery Funaki International Jewellery Award 2008. Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australien; 2006 opposition is true friendship, Galerie Biró, Munich; SOFA, mit jewelers’werk gallery, New York; Collect, mit Galerie Louise Smit/Amsterdam, London
2005 international showcase, contemopary applied arts (caa), with Helen Britton, London; inspired by nature?, Bergianska trädgården, Platina, Stockholm; Maker-wearer-viewer, Glasgow; Fool’s Gold, Embassy gallery, Edinburgh; 2004 Kleur, Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode; Collect, mit Galerie Tactile/Genf, London
2003 Rosa, Galerie Oona, Berlin; KunstRai, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam
Inner Luxury, Fundació “la Caixa”, Barcelona; Gisich Art Gallery, mit Galerie Tactile/Geneva, St. Petersburg; Chained, Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgien
2002 Rings, Gallery Mari Funaki, Melbourne; Zwitserland presenteert..., Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam; L'ornement est-il toujours un crime?, Musée d'art et d'histoire, Genf; Landesmuseum Zürich; Museo Vela, Ligornetto; Exhibit, Galerie tactile, Geneva; SOFA, Jewellers'werk Galerie, New York; Salon des refusées, Munich
2001; Mikromegas, BKV, Munich; New York; Geneva; Tokyo; Schmuck 2001, I.H.M., Munich; Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Bremen; 2000 Gestrandet, Odeonsplatz, Munich; Deux Poissons, Tokyo; The World of Jewelry, die Akademie der Bildenden Künste Im Haus der Kunst, Munich; Fährt ein weisses Schiff nach Hongkong, Basel
1999 Gummi zur Zeit, Gummeum, Kallmünz; Eckenbumms, Galerie Ecke, Augsburg Das Münchner Kindl, Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich; Wohin damit? Die Schmelzer im Schmuck Forum, mit Andi Gut und Peter Bauhuis, Zürich;

Public Collections/Museum

Die Neue Sammlung, Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst, München; Schmuckmuseum im Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim; Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokio, Sammlung Inge Asenbaum, Wien


1.Acknowledgment, RRH-Stipendium, Pforzheim, 2003
Stipendium E.E. Zunft zu Hausgenossen, Basel, 1995-2001
Artists studio support by the Cultutral Departement of Munich 2006


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[Kat. Ausst.] De main à main – from hand to hand.Carole Guinard. Mudac, Lausanne.
[Kat. Ausst.] Des Wahnsinns fette Beute – the fat booty of madness. The jewellery department at the Academie of fine arts Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, 1967, Wellington, New Zealand

SOLO EXHIBITIONS (a selection)

1992 Brooches, Fingers, Auckland, Lynx, Christchurch, New Zealand
1994 Stacks Fingers, Auckland
1996 New Work Masterworks, Auckland, New Zealand, Avid, Wellington, New Zealand
2000 Butterflies Wrapped in Silver Absolute Funk Fingers, Auckland; Rare New Zealand Meat With A Bit Of German Spice Domestic Royalty, Contemporary Jewellery From Munich The European Centre Of Jewellery Ribena together with Karl Fritsch;
2001 Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, New Zealand, Schmuck, together with Karl Fritsch; Mari Funaki Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, The Emerald Animal, together with Karl Fritsch; Galerie Oona, Berlin, Germany, Two Shining Stars From The Southern Hemisphere, together with Helen Britton; Galerie Biro, Munich, Germany, Hilke
2002 Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Haberdashery
2003 Geschaeft, Munich, Germany, Schmuck von Henrietta Schuster and Lisa Walker; Jewelerswerk Galerie, Washington, USA, Glued, Bashed, Sewn, Squashed, Chrucked, Painted, Soldered, Licked
2004 Hipotesi, Barcelona, Spain, Jewellery; Galerie Oona, Berlin, Lecker, jewellery, throwing, clothes, rubbish, sewing, spewing, stuff, pearls, fluorescent cultural catastrophe, wearing it, trash, gold, regurgitation, concentration, cetail, feathers sind einfach gut, our world playground, groovy title, occidental utopian accident part 1 & 2, together with Chicks On Speed;
2005 Kunstrai with Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Glued, Bashed, Sewn, Squashed, Chucked Painted, Soldered, Licked; Galerie Biro, Munich, Neue Arbeiten;
2006 Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia, Zerfügt, together with Henrietta Schuster
2007 Jewelerswerk Galerie, Washington, Unwearable; Fingers Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, Lisa Walker and Karl Fritsch
2008 Galerie Goethe, Munich, Gold and Bones.


1992 Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Sound in Jewellery
1993 Masterworks, Auckland New Zealand, Body Adornment; Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Soltice; The Gallery, Whangarei, New Zealand, Four NZ Women Jewellers
1994 Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Group Show; Lynx, Christchurch, New Zealand, Workshop 6 Group Show
1995 Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Now and Then; Schmuckszene, Munich; Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Annual Group Show; Lynx, Christchurch, New Zealand, Rings; Arts Academy, Wellington, New Zealand, NZ Crafts in the 90´s
1996 Jewellerswerk Gallery, Washington, USA, 10 Years On, selection of past 107 students work; Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia, Work from Students of the Munich Arts Acadamy;
1997 Galerie Wittenbrink, Munich, Germany, Gefaess;
1998 Workshop 6, Auckland, New Zealand, Pretty
1999 Army Barracks, Munich, Germany, Domagk Tage, with Felix Lindner and Karl Fritsch; Studio GR20, Padua, Italy, Gioielli Contemporanei L’alternativa Al Prezioso; Galerie Biro, Munich, Germany, Vom Geist Des Schmucks; Army Barracks, Munich, Germany, Grosse Kunst Ausstellung; Ausstellungsraum Balanstrasse, Munich, Germany, Kleine Grosse Kunst Ausstellung
2000 Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, INS, selected students from the Munich Arts Acadamy; Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand, Fingers Group Show
2001 Bayerische Kunst Verein, Munich, Mikromegas, also travelled to: American Craft Museum, New York; Museum D´Art et D´Histoire, Geneva, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery, Tokyo; John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia; Deutsche Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, Germany, Von Wegen, jewellery from Munich; Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2002 Schmuck 2002, Munich; Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Holland, Lepels/Spoons, also travelled to: Klingenmuseum, Solingen, Museum het Kruithuis, Den Bosch, Ruthin Crafts Centre, Ruthin, Wales, Dorman Museum, Middlesborough, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Holland
2003 Anna Bibby Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 20 Years Between Munich and New Zealand, also travelled to: Galerie Biro, Munich, SOFA, New York, Galerie Biro, Munich, Group Exhibition, Luitpold Lounge, Munich, Ornament
2004 Schmuck 2004 Munich
2005 FAD Design Centre, Barcelona, Spain - Chicks On Speed and invited guests; The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, Fools Gold, Galerie Pontenplas, Gent, Belgium, I Die Where I Get Hooked, Jam Factory, Adelaide, Australia, Shades Of Gray, Choice - German Contemporary Jewellery, travelled to: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Gallery YU, Hiko Mizuno College, Tokyo, Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, Museum CODA, Apeldoorn, Holland, Turnov Museum, Tschechien; Fundacao Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisabon, The Nomad Room;
2006 Muse Museum, Sydney, Australia, JOC, Jewellery Out of Context, also travelled to: Objectspace, Auckland, New Zealand; Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, Canada, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Holland; Schmuck 2006 , Munich, also travelled to: Museum of Arts and Design, New York
2007 Schmuck 2007, Munich, also travelled to: Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua, Collect, London, with Galerie S O 2008 Bayerische Kunstgewerbe Verein at the Munich Handwerksmesse, Museum of Modern Art, Munich, Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute, Gmunden, Austraia, Skill by the Craft Think Tank travelled to Contemporary Applied Arts, London.


Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand; Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand; Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, New Zealand; Bollman Collection, Vienna, Austria


1991 Meisterschulerin (head student) by Professor Otto Künzli
1992 New Zealand Arts Council grant 1995 Creative New Zealand grant;
1997 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst scholarship 1996-2001 Scholarship for foreign students, State Ministry of Science, Research, and Art, Germany
2003 HSP Nachfolgestipendium - scholarship, State Ministry of Culture, Germany
2005 Creative New Zealand grant Studio Support - Arts Council Munich, grant;
2006 Steiner Stiftung Munich - grant
2007 Förderpreis der Stadt München (City of Munich scholarship)
2008 Darling Publications Award - Best Jeweller of the Year


1993 Open Heart, Dowse Art Museum, Wellington .
1995 Schmuckszene 1995, Munich Handwerksmesse.
1996 Tenth, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin.
1997 Pretty, Workshop 6, Auckland.
1998 Piece on Earth, Lynx, Christchurch.
2000 Mikromegas, Bayerische Kunstgewerbe Verein, Munich.
2002 Schmuck 2002, Munich Handwerksmesse; 10 Jahre Galerie Biro, Munich
2002 Lisa Walker, Munich; .Lepels/Spoons, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam
2004 Schmuck 2004, Munich Handwerksmesse.
2004 Lisa Walker, Munich, own catalogue.
2005 Fools Gold, The Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.
2005 Choice - German Contemporary Jewellery, travelled to Japan and Germany. The Nomad Room, Fundacao Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal.
2006 JOC, Jewellery Out of Context, Muse Museum, Sydney.
2006 Schmuck 2006, Munich Handwerksmesse.
2006 Whiteboard Jewellery Event, Wellington, New Zealand Radiant 30 Years Galerie Ra, Amsterdam.
2006New Directions in Jewellery 2, Black Dog Publishing, London.
2007 Schmuck 2007, Munich Handwerksmesse.
2007 Jewelleries/Schmuck, own catalogue, Förderpreis der Stadt München.
2007 Remember Me, Lure, Dunedin, New Zealand.
2007 Metalsmith Magazine, USA, catalogue issue.
2008 Unwearable, Darling Publications, Cologne and New York.
2008 As Good As Gold , Hokianga, New Zealand, catalogue.
2008 Overcast, Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, New Zealand, catalogue.
2008 Contemporary Art at Wittelsbacherplatz, Munich 850 Year Birthday celebrations.

Sally Marsland

Sally Marsland, 1969, Mount Beauty, Australia


2005 Why are you like this and not like that? Galerie Ra at KunstRai, Amsterdam
2004 Why are you like this and not like that? Gallery Funaki, Melbourne
2003 Coloured Bodies, Gallery Leivo, Stockholm;
2002 Flat Colour, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne; What and how, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam
2001 Almost Black, Gallery Funaki, Melbourne; Almost Black, Jewelers’ Werk, Washington; Coloured Bodies, Galerie Biro, Munich
1997 A Group of Juicy Green Protrusions (with Nicholas Bastin), Craft Victoria, Melbourne.


2008 Salon International, Monash University, Faculty of Art & Design, Faculty Gallery, Melbourne; Die Wahnsinns Fette Beute, Die Neue Sammlung - Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst /Design in der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
2007 Australian Contemporary @ Co[]ect 2007, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Galerie s o @ Collect 2007, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Australian Vessels and Objects, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam
2006 Colin & Cecily Rigg Contemporary Design Award, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Galerie s o @ Collect ‘06, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2005, Uncanny, Artspace, Auckland; Galerie s o @ Collect ‘05, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Make the Common Precious, Craft Victoria, Melbourne
2004 Salon International, Muenchener Rathaus, Munich
2003, Inner luxury. International contemporary jewellery, Caixa Forum, Barcelona; Chained, Galerie Sophie Lachaert, Ghent, Metal Element 5, Quadrivium, Sydney, Subtle Body, Jam Factory Centre for Craft & Design, Adelaide
2002 Goldfields Ozgold 2002 Award, Quadrivium (and touring Australia), Sydney; Schmuck 2002, Internationale Handwerkmesse München, Munich; City of Hobart Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart; Gold Virtuosi, Vicenza Fair, Venice
2001 Mikromegas, Bayerische Kunstverein, Munich+ touring New York/Geneva/Sydney/Auckland
2000 Frankfurt International Craft Triennale, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt / AGSA, Adelaide / Object, Sydney; The World Of Jewellery, Haus der Kunst, Munich; Quintet, Jam Factory Centre for Craft & Design, Adelaide
1999 Die Frücte unserer Arbeit, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Trace, Museum of Arts Crafts, Itami
1998 Schmuck ‘98, Internationalen Handwerksmesse, Munich, Undercurrents, Itami City Craft Center, Itami / Ueno no Mori Museum, Tokyo, Jewellery Today, National Museums of Scotland, Edinburg, New Jewellery from Australia, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Past Tense / Future Perfect, Craft West, Perth / Centre for Contemporary Craft, Sydney
1997 City of Hobart Art Prize, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart, Contemporary Wearables 1997, Toowomba Art Gallery; Colin & Cecily Rigg Prize For Craft, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Metal/Vessels/Jewels, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai / Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Talente’
97, Internationalen Handwerksmesse, Munich.


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Sebastian Buescher

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A preview of the exhibition, with a selection of artists’ work, will be showed at inhorgenta europe 2009, Munich, in February 2009.
On 22nd of February, at 12.00, Dr. Barbara Schmidt will introduce the exhibition’s concept in all C2, Design Podium.
Lucca Preziosa 2009 will be showed in New Delhi, in the venue of the Italian Embassy, April, 2-12, 2009.

The full exhibition will be presented in Lucca, from 23rd of April to the 17th of May 2009, in the fantastic venue of Villa Bottini.

On 24th of April, the participant artists will have their individual lectures.
The participation to the meeting with artists is free, but we suggest to registered on-line, because we have limited places

Calendar Lucca

23rd of April at 6.30 p.m.
Villa Bottini, Via Elisa
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.
Monday closed

Meeting with the artists
24th April from 11.00 a.m. in Villa Bottini
Participation is free. Please register +39 055 22 80 131

Collateral events in Lucca

Second edition of LPYoung
The exhibition is devoted to young goldsmiths/designers/ worldwide. The aims is to contribute to the diffusion of what is new in the research jewellery, what the new generation of goldsmiths/designers/artists is “boiling in the pot”…. The work of 12 goldsmith/artists selected by an international panel

Fresh Metal
Contest-Exhibition created for students of the goldsmith craft, gaining their skills in private jewellery and goldsmith schools. The project was launched by the Poland school ANTIDOTUM in cooperation with LE ARTI ORAFE. The jewels created by students of both schools will be showed.

Lucca Preziosa 2009 is organized by:
Le Arti Orafe, Jewellery School & Academy, Firenze and Lucca
Ganjam, Bangalore
Lucca Preziosa Association, Lucca

With the support of:
Lucca’s city Council
APT Lucca (Province’s Tourism office)
Italian Embassy in India
Italian Institute of Culture, Delhi
inhorgenta europe, Munich, Germany

And with the patronage of:
Italian Cultural Ministry
Lucca’s Province
Superintendence of Florence Museum system
Silver Museum in Palazzo Pitti, Florence
University of Florence
Superintendence BAPPSAE of Lucca and Carrara

Maria Cristina Bergesio

General Coordination
Giò Carbone

Gio Carbone
Ganjam Umesh
Shreedevi Deshpande Puri, Ganjam

Public Relations Italy
Anna Balatti, Le Arti Orafe
Fulvio Carbone, Studio Ipotesi

Operations, India
Aditi Chaudhuri, Ganjam

Mauro Vegliante, Arksign, Firenze
Mostre & Mostre, Lucca
Smita Srivastava, Ganjam