Preziosa 2007-2008

Timetales, Jewellery as a representation of reflections on Time.

Barcelona, Museo Textìl, November 2007-January 2008.
Lucca, Villa Bottini, April- May, 2008.
Curator, Maria Cristina Bergesio
Coordinator, Giò Carbone

Time perceived and translated into objects for the body by eleven internationally-renowned artist-jewellers through reworking and transformation of forms, materials and content, which creates a network of reflections on the past, on the function of jewellery as memory object and its existence as witness to political and social reality, but also as a reflection on the very meaning of jewellery in the contemporary world.

Giampaolo Babetto, Vera Siemund, Stefano Marchetti, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Mari Ishikawa, Eija Mustonen, Jivan Astfalck, Mah Rana, Katja Prins, Tanel Veenre, Ted Noten.