Preziosa issues

Settembre 2, 2018

Universes in balance between reality and imagination

Some creative spirits are led by a positive tension towards the world because of their desire to play with reality, considered in its full richness and […]
Agosto 29, 2018

Talisman-jewels: powerful ornaments with a disturbing charm

«The sad and disgusting can also be something beautiful»* These the words of Hanna Hedman, a Swedish artist guest at Preziosa Young 2011 and again invited to […]
Agosto 15, 2018

Technical virtuosities

When the manual sensibility is refined with tireless devotion and it joins the will to experiment and overcome craft skills, it leads to the discovery of […]
Agosto 10, 2018

Exorbitant jewels and mutant bodies

What is the measure within which it is acceptable to talk about jewellery? Can we define as a jewel that ornament which is so oversized, that […]