Florence Jewellery Week 2020

Florence, May 28th - June 4th 2020

Exhibitions may have a longer duration, depending on the availability of the exhibition spaces and the artists.


Florence Jewellery Week is a cultural event entirely dedicated to the complex relationship between artistic research, craftsmanship, design and new technologies.

Connecting worlds. Artistic research, cultural identity;
New competencies, new skills. The role of innovative technologies in crafts and arts;
Wisdom and patience in traditional and contemporary jewellery;
Ethical jewellery;

Collateral events

The program of the exhibitions will be as usual the very rich, with solo and collective installations, and will host artists of the international scene, selected by the curator based on very high quality criteria.

Invited artists

The list of artists is still incomplete and the program is continuously updated.

Italian design in jewellery: the research by Carla Riccoboni
The great technical and creative skill in the contemporary goldsmith technique: Giovanni Corvaja
The contemporary Japanese jewel: Kazumi Nagano
The use of an ancient art in the creation of contemporary objects: Suk Chun Oh
Patience and wisdom applied to recycling for the creation of impressive jewels: Sam Tho Duong
Modern silverware objects, from England: Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill

Guest projects

“Talking Jewellery”, A project curated by jewellery historians Maria Cristina Bergesio and Roberta Bernabei. A selection of jewels from two important European contemporary jewellery collections: Pilar Garrigosa and Paul Derrez.
Jewels from another world
The nuns of the Orthodox monastery of Tbilisi, just like in the monasteries of the past, maintain in their laboratories the habit of producing objects of art of different types, including small pendants in gold and fired enamels that reproduce typical subjects of the icons. Two sisters from this monastery will come for FJW, to show their creations and give demonstrations of work.

“25 reasons why to wear Jewellery", presentation of the Italian edition of the book by Barbara Schmidt. The translation and the Italian edition are curated by LAO-Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, as a tribute to the special personality and professionalism of Barbara, and to the friendship that binds the school to the author.
“A journey to Florence”. Project/exhibition by Koen Jacobs, winner of PREZIOSA young 2019, and artist in residence at LAO.
An exhibition project by Olga Zobel Biro, Biro gallery in Munich.
PREZIOSA YOUNG 2020. Exhibition of the artists selected for the international competition reserved to artists, goldsmiths and designers within the age of 35.
A tribute to the Florentine history
A large selection of objects from the Salimbeni company archive, with unbelievable, fantastic engraved and enamelled silver and gold coffin, boxes, eggs, clocks, etc.. An example of how a company with a strong identity and an international clientele of the highest level, can contribute to the maintenance of traditional high quality activities, distributing the work to external laboratories that preserve unsurpassed competences and skills.


Maria Cristina Bergesio and Roberta Bernabei;
Giovanni Corvaja;
Barbara Schmidt;
Carla Riccoboni;
Barbara Brocchi;
Maria Laura La Mantia
The nuns of the Orthodox Monastery in Tbilisi;
Pilar Garrigosa;
Paul Derrez;
Olza Zobel Biro;
Koen Jacobs;
Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill

More artists, curatorial project and lecturers name will be gradually included in the program.

LAO offers hospitality and free participation to curators and artists.
Curators, gallery owners, artists interested in proposing their participation, and project for exhibition, lectures and workshops are invited to contact us.

Conference days are one of FJW's strengths. Artists, curators, technicians, teachers and operators of the sector will be invited, for a range of topics able to attract people with different interests.

The workshops will be held by some of the invited artists, and will be hosted in the LAO laboratories and classrooms or in the LAO premises in Palazzo Capponi/Bardi Foundation.

The collateral events can be organized by LAO, or proposed by the project partners, so as to complete and enrich the program.

One of these events will be the re-edition of the "Piazza degli artigiani", a day during which craftsmen of various disciplines are invited to give public demonstration of their mastery.

Partners (in progress)

Municipality of Florence;
ARTEX, Florence;
OMA - Observatory of the Crafts of Art;
CNA Toscana;
Confartigianato Firenze;
Ponte Vecchio Association;
Bardi Foundation;
PREZIOSA Magazine, Italy;
Friends of Hermitage Association;
Association for Boboli garden;
Friends of Santo Spirito Association;
Artigianelli Foundation;
Spazio NOTA Firenze.